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Creative by nature and designer by trade, award-winning artist and designer, Shelley Poole, enjoys creating work which speaks to human experience. Her work is peppered with optimism, charged with colour and harnessed with classic elegance. 

After graduating from her BA (Visual Communication) with distinction from Avondale College in 2010, Shelley worked for 5 months with Adventist Media Network in Sydney, Australia, developing the branding and design collateral for the multi-award winning television series, Beyond the Search.

In 2015, she had the privilege of working with photographer Felicity Thomson on a fine art project entitled Unspoken. Photographs were collaboratively conceived, edited and curated, alongside original text, to form a leather-bound book. The 5 kilogram volume won a Silver Award at the 2016 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (Photography Book category), and tells a moving story around themes of mental health, violence and overcoming.

Shelley has worked with clients including the Adventist Church in the South Pacific, Vitality Works, CHIP Lifestyle Medicine Institute and Signs Publishing.

For full profile check out Shelley’s CV.