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I’ve worked with a number of designers in both the US and Australia over the years. Shelley is unquestionably the best. She brings a level of creativity and expansive thinking to projects that is superlative. She is far more than an implementor; she became integral to helping us think through the challenges we face and come up with comprehensive approaches to them. I’ve consistently found her counsel exceptionally valuable. And her work speaks for itself. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

James D. Standish, JD, MBA
Director of Communications and Public Affairs,
Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific

When the SPD presented the current iteration of its website at the conference, the whole room went ‘wow’—it is so fresh and engaging. I hope the GC will incorporate some of the SPD look and feel into their global model before it’s finalised.

Andrew Hunt
Attendee at the GAiN Conference 2013, Dubai
Quoted from Record Magazine, Dream in the Desert, 18 June 2013

Adventist Record

We’re getting lots of positives on the special edition! …Thanks so much for pulling this off. It’s the best piece of design in our church anywhere, and the best overview report I’ve ever seen our church do – by miles! And I’ve seen LOTS of church reports over the years…

Thanks so much!

James D. Standish, JD, MBA
Director of Communications and Public Affairs,
Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific


It is with much pleasure I write this email. The past Special edition of the Record was of exceptional quality. A huge amount of praise goes to your graphic designer who has excelled. All aspects from the layout the design the colour, the text spacing the imagery, and even the content was of the highest standard of which I have ever seen produced, by the church. As one who works in media, when everything comes together like it has for this edition, its not just easy to read and very pleasant to view, it takes the reader to another place. God’s blessings to all involved for your hard work.


Matt Atcheson
Uguru Learning, North Lakes, QLD 


Signs Magazine

It has been a pleasure to work with and be acquainted with Shelley Poole. We engaged her services in 2011 for a major rebrand of a magazine and associated services and programs. I have been involved with a couple of other projects with Shelley and the experiences have all been very positive.

I personally found Shelley to be extremely talented and fresh. Shelley’s approach to her work is with passion and commitment. She is relentless in finding the perfect look and feel which demonstrates the core of the product or service. As a marketer, I appreciate the effort Shelley takes in understanding her subject and the context while not forgetting the call to action or key message.

Warm regards,

Mirella Gordon
Marketing and Communications Manager
Vitality Works, Sydney, NSW



Dear Shelley,

Thank you for your comprehensive, insightful, thoughtful and thorough Project Management. I feel blessed to have had you as this year’s editor.

Your dedication made the Jac!!

Warm regards,

Donna Pinter
Lecturer and Art Director at That Design
Avondale College of Higher Education


Shelley was asked to be the Editor of the Avondale College yearbook, Jacaranda, which involved also acting as Project Manager and Designer of the publication. She was involved in all parts of the design process from briefing to design approval, working with clients to a deadline and launching the finished product in November 2010.

I found Shelley to be committed, dedicated, very creative and passionate in creating a yearbook that displayed a showcase of student life. She was meticulous in producing a high quality publication… Shelley was able to work as a team member through the entire process and was respected by her peers.

Kevin Judge
Director of Student Services
Avondale College of Higher Education

Moments of Stillness

71% Increase in sales

When Shelley Poole re-designed a cd cover of mine, that was originally released in 1999, sales via my record label distributor went from 15-20 units a month to 30 a month! The office staff said it was solely due to the new cover! No additional advertising had been done. It’s interesting to also note that this was about 2 years ago (It’s 2016 now) and sales have not dipped. I’m so excited by all this and am planning my next album now. Of course Shelley will be my designer of choice!

Peter Dixon
Peter Dixon Band


In creating a new website, weekly e-news, print bulletin and signage for the Gateway SDA Church in Cooranbong we sought out graphic design artist Shelley Poole. Her reputation for accurate and creative delivery of the clients brief, and her timely delivery of her designs drew us to employ Shelley.

In working with Shelley we have found her to be professional and clear in assessing our needs. We have found her to be resourceful when our shortage of funds demanded restraint. The resulting design, created for Gateway by Shelley, are all that we asked for and more. Shelley has worked with integrity and has created a connected “family” of communication tools that are beautiful, functional and meet all our design criteria.

As the communications director for Gateway I would highly recommend Shelley as one whose work is thoughtful, beautiful and functional and original. Shelley is professional in her dealings with a desire to please the client.

It has been a pleasure to work with Shelley, the process has been an enjoyable one.


Karen Muirhead
Communications Director (2010-2011)
Gateway Adventist Church