Creative direction

Take your project to the next level

From brief to execution, Shelley harnesses collective genius in teams, by building conceptual strength and stirring creative potential.

Marketing concepts / Corporate photoshoots / Art exhibitions / Large publications / Short film graphics



Creating experiences that resonate with real people

From the tone of language on your social media campaign, to the photos in your latest brochure; the typesetting of your business card, to the kinds of food served at public events—anything and everything that can impact the perception of your company becomes part of what crafts your brand. Together we ideate and implement brand experiences that will make heads turn.

Logos and brand assets / Brand guidelines / New media / Email signatures / Presentations / Promotional gear



Stand out with credibility and class

 Together we will add credibility and and clarity to your key messages, with strong imagery, smart typography and strategic layout.

Annual reports / Magazines / Signage / Packaging / Brochures / Books / Album covers / Cricket bat stickers



Cut through the noise

While it’s questionable whether print will ever die, digital design is both present and future. As a Gen-Y digital native, Shelley also designs digital brand experiences with strategic flair.

Social media assets / Website UX/UI / App UX/UI / Lower thirds / End credits

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